AttENtion: Personal Trainers

The GYM MODEL is Broken

make $10,000 + Per Month with In-Home Training
Work Less And Earn More.
Get Ready for Your 
Physical Transformation!
Attn. Personal Trainers

The Gym Model Is Broken

Make $10,000 + Per Month With
In-Home Training

Work Less And Earn More

How would you like to wake up to new sales, dozens of leads, and have your own personal training business and thrive after COVID-19.

Go from working at a gym to becoming a dominating force in your market and watch your bank account grow so FAST you’ll be able to say SCREW IT to the 9-to-5 and have TRUE financial freedom.

Grow your business and make money while you sleep.

You will STOP CHASING clients and have them practically BEGGING to work with you.

I have great news for you…

If you want to learn how to run a highly profitable in-home training business you're in the right place.

The inhometrainer model works so well that..

You’ll be able to earn a six figure plus income in as little as 5 hours per day.

This will give you time to ..

Play with your kids when they get home from school
Take vacations while your business runs on auto pilot
Enjoy dinner and drinks with friends at happy hour

 Instant Access To The In Home Trainer's Instructor Course

Instant access to my “Complete In Home Trainer's Instructor Course... 

...Where I’ll reveal the EXACT strategies more than 5,189 trainer have used to get more customers and increase their influence.

Access to all of my online course materials that I have used to grow inhometrainer into a national brand.

​•Full Access To My Video Library To Make Money NOW

•​Selling Personal Training: Detailed step-by-step guide for guaranteed results

•​Legal documents, contracts, invoices and sample business forms that you can use in your business now

​•PNF Stretching Manual. Learn active release techniques with colourful photo demonstrations and apply them with your clients today

​•In-Home Workout Programs that deliver results for your clients every time

•Private Access to our inhometrainer members group

•Market Like A Pro..Where I will show you exactly how to fix your marketing mistakes that cost you dozens of sales a month

Normally this content is available exclusively for members of my flagship Licensed In Home Training Program  
(retail: $1,997). 

But Now You Can UNLOCK FULL ACCESS And Become A Certified In Home Trainer and become the go to expert in your community.

    "Awesome course. Very simple and easy to understand. Highly recommend ."- Svetlana Bezunikova

    "It gave clear and simple requirements and removed the complications and over thinking that other programs have." - Christina Breker

    "Information is delivered in a clear and organized fashion. Great advise and practical tools." Great Course - Sarah McQueston

    "I liked how direct and to the point the material was." - Robin Gorham

    It All Started The Day My Wife Nearly Left Me

    Before I created inhometrainer, I struggled big time. 

    At first I didn’t want to tell my story.

    It felt too private and embarrassing. 

    However, if it wasn’t for learning how to run an in-home training business, I would probably not be here today helping thousands of trainers just like you.

    Also, I would probably be single, broke and alone (but more on her in a minute).

    MY Nightmare

    It was a Thursday night and I had just finished a long day of personal training. I had started my day at 6am and had been back and forth between clients all day long.

    The week of personal training was clearly catching up to me.

    I was tired. I was struggling financially. I was eating crappier than ever, and even worse I was neglecting my own workouts because I was exhausted and burnt out.

    That’s when my girlfriend at the time called and said "I'm ready for our date, what time should we meet tonight"?

    Oh damn...I had meant to call her all day but had forgot.

    I wanted to see her, yet I was exhausted and had to get up super early again the next morning.

    How could I let her down easy?

    Below was my response.

    “Hi…um...I'm sorry I have to cancel...I just finished a very long day and I'm exhausted and I have to be up early tomorrow again."  

    There was complete silence on the other end.

    Even though she didn't say a word, I could hear the disappointment echoing through on the other end.

    We got off the phone call and I instantly felt like the biggest jerk.

    Here was the girl that I cared so much about and wanted to impress more than anyone in the world, and I had to cancel our date night because I was burnt out from my training jobs...(yes plural) and the fatigue of renovating my house had clearly caught up to me...Here’s what went through my mind next.

    Trainers Aren't Supposed To Be Broke And Burnt Out

    Yet, here I was...broke, exhausted, and about to lose an amazing girl that I wanted a future with.

    Something had to change!

    That night I lay awake staring at the ceiling imagining what life would be like if I had the money and freedom to live an abundant life and take my girlfriend anywhere she wanted!

    Laying there, feeling hopeless, I could do one of three things:

    1. I could ignore my thoughts and fears and continue to work 2 gym jobs and hope that things somehow got better on their own.

    2. I could pretend that everything was ok—most people work long hours and harder than me. I would just be one more average person, following the herd.

    3. Or, I could take action and make the choice I did.

    The choice to discover how to live a six figure + lifestyle with freedom and financial stability!

    Seize The Opportunity!

    Isn't it funny how things always happen for a reason?

    I was looking to make a change and suddenly an opportunity presented itself to me.

    There was an opening to run an Ad in my local newspaper. The only catch is they needed the design work completed the same day.

    I could hear the excuses starting to sound off in my head.

    Who am I?

    I don't have a business.

    I don't even have a website.

    I can't design an Ad.

    I'm broke.

    But wait...

    I know deep down that I can't continue to do what I am doing right now.

    I don't want to be that broke and exhausted trainer anymore.

    The Day My Life Changed!

    I put an in home personal training Ad in the local newspaper that same day! It wasn't a great Ad, but I DID IT.... and I soon learned that success loves speed!

    The very next day, I received three phone calls from interested prospects who wanted to try in home personal training.

    Are you kidding me I thought to myself.

    This was great! Now I just needed to convince them to meet with me.

    Out of the three leads, one of them met me for a consultation and lo and behold, inhometrainer was born.

    The point in life when you realize you don't have to struggle!

    After meeting my first client Gigi, she ended up signing up for an in-home personal training package...She paid in full for 20 sessions (my largest pack at the time) and cut me a cheque for $1,200.00

    Now at the time $1,200.00 was more money than I had seen all week from grinding day and night at my two gym jobs.

    But wait, there is more...

    The Ad ran a second time that week and a few days later I had another three phone calls.

    This time I met with two clients and closed more training sessions.

    Suddenly in the span of four days, I made nearly $4,000.00 and it was completely mine.

    What if I could replicate this strategy and earn $15,000 - $20,000 per month!

    That's the day inhometrainer was born.

    I took the money I had made from personal training and invested it into web development.

    I was super excited and I truly believed that this was the missing element for my business.

    After spending thousands of dollars on my website, I waited for the leads to come in.

    However months went by and nothing happened.

    I did not understand why.

    I took me a while to realize this:

    Just because you have a website, that doesn't mean people will find you...If you're not ranking on the first page in a search engine you might as well be knocking on doors to try and get clients.

    So I had to revamp my strategy and study SEO (search engine optimization).

    It took about a year and the SEO tactics started to work and inhometrainer was beginning to rank on page 1...Leads started to come back in and I was able to hire more trainers...

    Life was good again.

    However, after a few years I noticed a similar pattern.

    My sub-contracted personal trainers that I had hired to help me with clients were facing the exact same problems that I had faced many years ago.

    They were burnt out, struggling financially and needed help.

    I had to change this!

    What if I could teach trainers to earn a Six Figure + income by working only 5 hours per day?

    This would give them the freedom and financial stability to succeed as a personal trainer.

    The In Home Trainer's Instructor Course Was Born!

    It was created for personal trainers who were tired of being just average.

    It was created for the personal trainer who knows that deep down in order to succeed as a trainer you need a business.

    You could continue to work as personal trainer at a gym, or studio or even try to do it alone.

    But guess what?

    I was that trainer and the model doesn’t work.

    I have seen many great trainers leave the industry they once loved.

    The passionate trainers who just want to help people feel great.

    They left because they were not making enough money or they were burnt out.

    My system and growth strategies were designed to help fast track you to success.

    And you will learn how to do this with our course!

    Real People And Real Results

    "It explains, in an organized step by step way, how one can run a successful training business." - Krystle Murray

    "I thought the manual was very straight forward. Loved the fact that it was illustrated and showed options, and also had a fantastic marketing and selling section." - Carol Ann McDougall

    "The course was really helpful and gave me some great tips and education on how to present myself as a trainer. The material was easy to read and I enjoyed the course. Thank You." - Michelle Burbidge

    "It has practical tools to use right away for business."-Maureen Simpson

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    As soon as you get started, I should let you know that you might feel guilty that money is coming to you too easily.

    Don’t worry, you WILL get used to it.

    While all the other trainers at your gym are creeping up on members to beg for sessions and all of the other online coaches since COVID-19 hit are LOWERING their prices you will be RAISING yours.

    The In Home Trainer's Instructor Course will help you turn your passion into dollars, and set yourself apart from all the others in your industry.

    This is YOUR TIME to take control of your life... you’ve earned it!

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